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Romero: PC is decimating consoles, F2P is killing Triple A Studios

According to Doom co-creator, John Romero, the PC platform is currently “decimating” consoles and the free to play games market has already killed off as many as 100 triple A studios. In an interview with Games Industry, Romero said:

With PC you have free-to-play and Steam games for five bucks. The PC is decimating console, just through price. Free-to-play has killed a hundred AAA studios. It’s a different form of monetization than Doom or Wolfenstein or Quake where that’s free-to-play as shareware.”


Romero went on to explain what gives the PC the edge over consoles: “The problem with console is that it takes a long time for a full cycle. With PCs, it’s a continually evolving platform, and one that supports backward compatibility, and you can use a controller if you want; if I want to play a game that’s [made] in DOS from the ’80s I can, it’s not a problem. You can’t do that on a console.”

“Consoles aren’t good at playing everything. With PCs if you want a faster system you can just plug in some new video cards, put faster memory in it, and you’ll always have the best machine that blows away PS4 or Xbox One,”

However, Romero wasn’t quite as positive when talking about the future of Virtual Reality, although he does admit that he enjoyed using the Oculus Rift:

“Before using Oculus, I heard lots of vets in the industry saying this is not like anything we’ve seen before.” Romero Said. “I was just blown away by just how amazing it was to just be in an environment and moving my head was just like mouse-look. I thought that was really great but when I kind of step back and look at it, I just don’t see a real good future for the way VR is right now. It encloses you and keeps you in one spot.”

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KitGuru Says: It’s always interesting to see an Industry veteran’s views on the state of gaming and the latest technologies. What do you guys agree with Romero’s views? Are there any points he made that you disagree with?

Source: Games Industry

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  • “just blown away everything” bwhaha, these consoles of this cycle is just kidding

  • SpycyMitaball

    I’m glad Travolta supports the PC Master Race!

  • nicola

    the biggest problem is, best triple a titles is on CONSOLES, look THE LAST OF US, HALO, and lot of other series, PC NEEDED THAT GAMES, for go more up than consoles expirience, i think that games when is come to pc, almost people go play that games on pc, because pc have better gameplays and graphic and IMMERSION, homewere i’m MASTERRACEPC FROM 14 YEARS ^^, yeah i play consoles, but the best possible expirience gaming IS ON PC!!!!

  • Porkalicious

    Too bad most “f2p” games are p2p games 🙁

  • Richard Batten

    Everything that is on a console was made on a PC first then converted to that console. PC’s will always be superior.

  • FISH

    The games are programmed for the console on PC because that’s the only way you would be able to program it. They don’t port the game to console. Where do you think the term “PC port” comes from?

  • Anonymous

    It’s still free to play. The words you’re looking for are “pay to win.”

  • Jefferson T

    This. There’s set frameworks to work in, brother. What would be considered the actual bulk of games/engine can be made exclusively to work on a console. If it’s made in a known popular engine for both console & PC, then yes, perhaps a loss.

  • Porkalicious

    they are esentially the same thing, P2P and P2W. both of them restrics the non-paying player to the degree that it should’t be called a game. There are exceptions ofc, but they are rare and few