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Xbox head responds to PC gaming concerns on Windows 10 Store

Last week, we reported on the current state of games developed for Microsoft's Windows 10 store system. Games released on the Windows Store need to be developed as a ‘Universal App', which is different to your average .exe file, this means that there are certain limitations on features, some of which are quite worrying for PC gamers. Those who own Rise of the Tomb Raider through Windows 10 will notice that they can't turn off Borderless Windowed mode, nor can they turn off V-Sync or make use of SLI or CrossFire.

However, as always, Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox has been quick to respond with promises to improve things further as time goes on.


Tweeting out to someone asking about the limitations of the Windows 10 Universal App platform, Spencer said: “We know lists like this include features PC gamers want to see from us, we appreciate the feedback and have plans to improve”.

Right now, it is unclear if features like VSync, fullscreen/windowed modes or multi-GPU support will be available on future titles like Gears of War: Ultimate Edition or Quantum Break. We also don't know if these features will be patched into the Windows Store version of Rise of the Tomb Raider but hopefully, Microsoft will have these things worked out as it brings more and more Xbox exclusive titles over to the PC.

KitGuru Says: I don't really have a problem with Microsoft selling its exclusive titles on its own store. However, I do have an issue with not supporting basic features that PC gamers are used to. Hopefully we will see some improvements soon. 

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