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Twitter to lock troll accounts in new crack down

The micro-social networking site, Twitter, has often been criticised for its lack of oversight when it comes to trolls and abusive message senders on its service. However that may soon change, as it's now begun implementing a new system which will see repeat abusers locked out of their accounts. The …

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Police just as guilty in social media gaffes

Some of the most worrying stories when it comes to social networking over the past few years, have been when the police has seen it necessary to target individuals that have said certain things online, be they jokes or opinions, as it's sometimes led to arrests, interrogations and in some …

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Sony pledges to perma-ban persistent trolls

In-game and out-of-game trolls, are something that gaming has struggled to deal with for a long time, but particularly in recent years. With the advent of Twitter and other social interaction platforms, the lines of communication between developers and players and just between gamers themselves, have been shortened, making for …

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Twitter pledges to be more vigilant on stopping abuse

The past couple of weeks have been a bit tough for Twitter. While Facebook and other tech firms might be embroiled in privacy concerns, Twitter instead is being hit by criticism that it doesn't do enough to crack down on abuse thrown back and forth among its users. On Saturday …

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Fez developer quits industry, cancels sequel

The man behind the indie success story Fez and who featured in the popular (if somewhat depressing) Indie Game: The Movie documentary, Phil Fish, has announced that he is done with game development and that the title he was working on, Fez 2, has been cancelled. This comes as somewhat …

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Hijacking a Myspace account can get you in big trouble

While it's not often you see someone making their way through the ghost town that is MySpace, one user has found himself in hot water after hijacking his ex-girlfriend's account and posting revealing pictures of her, along with derogatory messages – he's now been found guilty of several criminal charges. …

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