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Google car rebranded as Waymo, still very much alive


Google’s car project is not being scaled back as was rumored, but has instead been rebranded as Waymo and will now operate under the Alphabet brand, much like many other Google projects which aren’t search or advertising related. Doubling down on its efforts, Waymo will soon be adding a further …

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Google’s parent company, Alphabet, is now worth more than Apple

For a while, it look liked Apple might be the first company to ever break through the trillion dollar threshold, but now perhaps it will be Google’s parent company, Alphabet. The recently launched initiative to separate Google’s profitable businesses from its more experimental ones has paid off, with the latest …

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Google has a new parent company: Alphabet

In a move that no one was expecting, Google has given itself a new boss, by creating a brand-new parent company, called Alphabet. This will also splinter off some of Google’s different entities, with the traditional company handling Youtube, Android, its search engine and its applications, while the new firm will take …

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