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Intel: We have roughly 35 custom Xeon models in the lineup

Intel Corp. is gradually increasing the number of custom microprocessors designed for specific customers in its lineup. The move helps the company to maintain its market share and address clients that have special requirements and which otherwise would have chosen proprietary solutions from other companies. “The data center team is …

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First non-IBM Power8 servers set to emerge early in 2015

Last year IBM established the OpenPower consortium and opened up Power8 processor specifications and architecture to its partners. The goal of the organization is to create an eco-system of Power8-based servers designed for future data centers and cloud computing. The first fruits of the collaboration may become available already early …

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Intel could add customer-specific instructions to its Xeon chips

For several years now Intel Corp. has configured some of its Xeon processors in accordance with demands of its large customers, such as Amazon or Facebook. Earlier this year Intel agreed to install FPGAs [field programmable gate arrays] into the package of its Xeon central processing units in order to …

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Intel and Altera to co-develop 14nm multi-die devices

Intel Corp. and Altera this week said they would extend their collaboration to the development of multi-die devices that leverage Intel’s world-class package and assembly capabilities. The multi-die devices will feature Altera’s Stratix 10 FPGAs and SoCs made using 14nm process technology as well as other components. This will allow …

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