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US government seizes Dotcom’s millions again

Kim Dotcom has been legally embattled with US and New Zealand authorities for over three years. During that time he’s launched services and political entities and even found time to rank as one of the best FPS players in the world, but it hasn’t been all smooth sailing. One of …

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Kim Dotcom wants to reclaim HK assets

Back in early January 2012, when Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom was arrested after a raid on his home, his website shut down and his cars seized, the authorities also went after his liquid assets held in other countries. In Hong Kong for example, over $42 million (£27 million) of his money …

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Where does Kim Dotcom get his money?

One of the questions a few of you have brought up during our coverage of the seemingly endless build up to Megaupload founder, Kim Dotcom’s extradition trial, is where exactly does he get his money from? Not the funds used to buy his cars and homes clearly, as that was …

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Court decides Dotcom can’t have his money after all

Its difficult to imagine a court case with more retractions, delays and turnarounds without contemplating some sort of lawyer heaven, thank Kim Dotcom’s, as it looks like the internet entrepreneur’s personal finances and assets, will not be returned to him after all. The original orders allowing the authorities to retain …

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Dotcom to regain assets, firing on all cylinders

Kim Dotcom is likely to regain all of his frozen assets originally confiscated as part of the raid on his mansion in 2012 by the New Zealand authorities. This includes over $10 million in liquid funds, $6 million worth of luxury cars and personal items relating to Dotcom and his …

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