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Console South Park to be censored in Europe

If you were planning on picking up the expectedly raunchy South Park: Stick of Truth on either the Xbox 360 or PS3, you might want to reconsider a PC purchase, since the console versions of the game are being censored in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, with key scenes …

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UK government admits it blocked the wrong sites

David Cameron spent a lot of time last year talking up the porn filters he wants UK ISPs to ‘voluntarily’ implement and praising Chinese censorship firms like Huawei who he’s been welcoming with open arms, but when they began being implemented, as detractors pointed out before hand, they ended up …

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Huawei denies spying for the Chinese goverment

Huawei has been the centre of discussion recently, we already know that the British ISP TalkTalk use the company to maintain its filters and that both the ISP and Huawei can add or remove sites from the filter as they see fit. Recently David Cameron praised the company’s filtering system in …

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Pirate Bay Launches Browser to Sidestep Censorship

Still looking for ways to help internet users bypass the censorship imposed by many countries, the UK included, The Pirate Bay has launched its own web browser called PirateBrowser. Based on a Tor client and version 23 of Mozilla’s portable edition Firefox browser with foxyproxy add-on, PirateBrowser is a simple …

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India Facebook arrests mirror British censorship

Kapil Sibal

I’ve been talking about British censorship on social networks Twitter and Facebook a lot here at Kitguru in the past few weeks. From the Poppy Burning fiasco, to the extended look into social networking and freedom of speech, the fact that people are getting in legal trouble for making single, …

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Man arrested after poppy burning twitpic


A British man has been arrested for “malicious telecommunications,” after posting a picture online of him burning a poppy. From Aylesham, in Kent, the man was said on Sunday to be in custody awaiting interview. It’s unknown at this time whether he will be officially charged. The announcement came as …

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New site for censored news and images to launch in October

We Fight Censorship

Wikileaks has a new competitor in the form of WeFightCensorship.com, coming from freedom lobbyist organisation, Reporters Without Borders. Described as a “virtual shelter” to allow people to share and distribute banned and censored materials, the site is designed to help those suffering under repressive government regimes where social networking and …

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Wikileaks shutdown causes censorship debate

Wikileaks has gone offline three times this week, causing debate over authorities taking censorship too far. France have joined with others in airing their views that Wikileaks should be taken offline permanently as activists raise comparisons with China’s Google censorship. Wikileaks was down again on Friday but later reopened via …

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Music Mafia threatens Google with hit?

The music industry is a lap dancer. Pure and simple. It wants to fill the room with it, plaster it everywhere, wave it right in front of your nose and then imprison you if you have the audacity to put a finger on its product. KitGuru just read an article …

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