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Apple voices more concerns for Investigatory Powers Bill

Apple has once again raised concerns about the British government’s plans to introduce the Investigatory Powers Bill, waiting until the final moments of the public consultation to submit its eight page brief on its problems with the snooping act. It joins a number of consumer groups and other tech firms …

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Cameron to block all porn without age restrictions

The end game of the past two years of ‘cracking down’ on online pornography is finally here. Following on from UK PM David Cameron’s continued assault on pornography that even our most reasonable of attempts to dissuade him have failed to stop, our illustrious leader has now pledged to implement …

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Nick Clegg wants to protect journalists and whistleblowers

Nick Clegg, the current leader of the Liberal Democrat party and deputy prime minster in the UK, has called for journalists to be given more protection when it comes to releasing information that is in the public’s interest. Specifically he said that he wants them to be able to technically break …

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