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Germany busts major darknet drug seller

German police have scooped up five men said to be responsible for the darknet drug seller, Chemical Love. Caught with upwards of 60kg of various illegal substances, the group are said to have completed sales of more than 1.3 million euros from 1,500 transactions, making this the biggest online drug seller …

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Slur offers commercial alternative to Wikileaks

Whistleblowing can be a dangerous business. Edward Snowden’s actions over the past couple of years have cost him his freedom and as many a Hollywood movie would show us, it can often lead to loss of life too. Fortunately we live in a world where people have the morale gumption …

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Silk Road 2 and other dark net markets downed by FBI

Running an online drug marketplace like the Silk Road is always going to be a risky endeavour. Not only does it make you the head of an organisation that makes millions through facilitating the sale of substances deemed illegal in many countries around the world, but its mere existence is a …

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Tor drug markets just got their own search engine

Have you ever found yourself flitting between Silkroad, Cloud Nine, Outlaw, Mr Nice Guy or any of the many other online drug marketplaces and you just can’t find what you’re after? Well now it’s gotten a lot easier, as there’s now a search engine that checks all of them for …

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Kaspersky: 900 hidden online resources are active on Tor daily

Kaspersky Labs has been closely monitoring the Tor network for some time now and believes that as more people and services make use of it, the cyber criminal element is growing. While the Tor infrastructure isn’t remotely on the same scale as the conventional internet, Kaspersky’s experts still managed to …

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