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Police arrest man charged with leaking Expendables 3

One of the biggest movie leaks in the history of internet based piracy was last year’s early release of Expendables 3. It didn’t just hit the torrent sites after the film was in cinemas, or when a screener copy was released, it came out in HD quality even before cinemagoers …

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Alleged Expendables 3 leakers arrested

Earlier this year saw a massive leak hit the internet. No, it wasn’t a pre-release game, or another Edward Snowden revelation, but the latest Sylvester Stallone movie, The Expendables 3. The reason this was such a big deal however, wasn’t just because a movie leaked, that happens all the time, but …

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Millenium Films goes after Expendables 3 downloaders

In a move that’s become quite rare for copyright holders, one of the production companies behind the Expendables 3 movie, Millenium Films, has started targeting those that it thinks downloaded the movie with DMCA requests, as well as making demands for cash settlements. Alleged downloaders are being given until the …

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Expendables 3 is disappearing from torrent sites

If there’s one thing we’ve learned about online movie piracy, is that once a file is out there, it’s impossible to remove. Pirates and the people behind torrent sites are often tenacious, only responding or complying with the strictest of court orders, but with the recent leak of the Expendables …

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Director explains who might have leaked Expendables 3

Expendables 3’s fallout could go down as one of the biggest piracy related stories of the year. Not only was it leaked pre-release, but it was leaked at a decent quality too. This sent Lionsgate into a meltdown, with lawsuits, site take downs and presumably a lot of finger pointing …

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Pirates had Expendables 3 for a week before leak

The next old-action-star pay-cheque-generator, Expendables 3, isn’t set for release until 15th August in America, with the première here in the UK on the 4th. However many people have seen it already, as the film was leaked in its entirety at DVD quality on torrent sites just a few days ago. …

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