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Sky to introduce internet watershed for all new customers

Taking the initiative following the British government’s interest in bringing forward the Investigatory Powers Bill, Sky has announced that it will be introducing its filtering system automatically for all new customers (it won’t even ask first) and will even go so far as to instigate a watershed-like system. Before 9PM, …

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EU legislation could cripple UK porn filters

British porn filtering on an opt-out basis has been a bit of a bugbear for us here at KitGuru and many of you have voiced similar sentiment in our comment threads. Fortunately then there is a chance that their very existence could be put in jeopardy by a new piece …

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Dear Mr Cameron: We don’t want porn filters

Dear Mr Cameron, Since you seem to have ignored my much more informal efforts to get you to change your mind over your plans to filter and censor British internet in the name of saving children from the evils of pornography, I thought I’d try a more formal tactic; so I …

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Nobody wants Cameron’s porn filters

It seems like I’m not the only one that doesn’t want David Cameron censoring the web with his China sponsored pornography filters, as when it comes to new users opting out of them, almost everyone is doing so. In fact, the numbers of people agreeing to the filters are in …

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UK porn filters are blocking anti-drug-war sites

Much of our coverage of the British government last year involved David Cameron’s courting of Chinese firms and how he was very interested in the filters they put up to stop citizens looking at a large variety of content, including anti-government messages. However, the big problem Mr Cameron saw in …

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Auto porn filters to hit UK web

British prime minister, David Cameron, has announced that in the near future, British households will have an automatic pornography filter implemented by internet service providers, which will block explicit images by default; though there will be an option to turn them off. Those signing up to new accounts with ISPs, …

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Google discontinues Blocked Sites, replaces it with Chrome app

Blocked Sites

Google has continued its recent trend of shutting down some of its services, with today’s Blocked Sites following on from Google Reader earlier this month. However, the search giant is at least offering an alternative this time: the Personal Blocklist Chrome extension – though of course you’ll need to be …

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