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Twitch now funding projects, selling games

Twitch might have solidified itself as a solid way for pro-gamers to make money, by simply streaming their practice sessions, but the service itself is looking to diversify its income beyond advertising. It's now begun selling games and is looking to help fund future projects. Indie title Nuclear Throne is …

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GSP Indie dev on why game sales are bad

Cliffski, no not Cliffy B, Cliffski, Cliff Harris, developer of Gratuitous Space Battles, the Democracy series and Redshirt among others, has taken the bold stance of attacking the practice of revolving Steam Sales and Humble Bundles, suggesting that it's creating a dangerous climate where games and developers are undervalued and …

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HMV to drop pre-owned game sales

One of the hottest points of contention between developers, gamers and store owners over the past few years, has been the sale of pre-owned games. Developers say they take money out of the industry, gamers say they allow them to buy new games since they know they can get trade-in …

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