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New Xbox One dashboard ditches Kinect gestures

Microsoft has finally admitted that people don’t really make much use out of the Kinect. A new dashboard update is arriving this week for owners of the console, which will drop Kinect gestures entirely for interface navigation, Microsoft admitted that it decided to do this as usage was “very, very …

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Oculus buys another hand tracking tech firm

Oculus VR made a big splash when it announced prior to E3 that it had developed its own hand tracking controllers, called Touch. It was a surprise too, since Oculus previously purchased a company called Nimble Sense, which used a camera system to track hands, rather than the control system Oculus …

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Samsung wants us to start waving at our watches

Samsung has a history of filling its flagship devices with gimmicky gesture based controls that people rarely find a good use for and now, it wants to bring similar features to its smart-watches. The Korean based device maker has patented a circular smart-watch to battle with the Moto 360 and …

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