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Creative Assembly is making Total War: Warhammer

You never really believed that even after its hit with Alien: Isolation, that Creative Assembly would stop making Total War games did you? Despite Rome II’s somewhat lacklustre reception, another Total War game has been in the works for a couple of years already, but it steps into the world …

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Games Workshop CEO is stepping down

Longtime Chairman and CEO at Warhammer maker Games Workshop, Tom Kirby, has announced in a recent chairman address, that he’s stepping down from his roles, though he does plan to stay on in a non-executive chairman role if possible. The reasoning for the move isn’t quite clear, though perhaps the …

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Games Workshop looks to be in a lot of trouble

Hey guys, you know how annoyingly weird Games Workshop usually is? You know how it seems to ignore fans, upping prices every year by crazy margins, turning its magazine into a product catalogue, punishing third party retailers and replacing its white metal models with a bubble filled, warped material? Well …

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