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Dotcom is trying to delay his extradition trial, again

Kim Dotcom has spent nearly four years avoiding, delaying and attempting to have thrown out, his extradition trial. The court date, if met, would see him and his fellow MegaUpload defendants legally battling to not be sent to the US to face charges related to the running of his file …

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Kim Dotcom on his bail continuance

Last week saw MegaUpload founder Kim Dotcom heading back to court to answer questions on whether he had breached his bail requirements, which prevent him from contacting the other defendants in his MegaUpload case. While all seemed well for him after the hearing, it was only today that he was …

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Dotcom walks free after bail hearing

Kim Dotcom has come out the other side of his bail hearing a free man, with everyone satisfied that he hadn't been in breach of his terms. Shortly after he posted on his Twitter account that the hearing was “just like the entire #Megaupload case. Nonsense!” During the trial Dotcom, …

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Megaupload user to get a hearing

Mega Upload

One of the users that has his data seized as part of the Megaupload takedown by US and NZ authorities, Kyle Goodwin, has been granted a hearing, that will allow him to fight for the retrieval of his data – something that the US officials are not keen on at …

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