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Obama’s email shows up on Anonymous hit list

The hacktivist movement known as Anonymous has drawn a lot of positive attention to itself as of late, for its announcement and subsequent following up, of an attack on the internet presence of Daesh, the group often referred to as ISIS or ISIL. However it looks like in its efforts …

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Telegram messaging app shuts down ISIS broadcast channels

The Telegram encrypted messaging application, that allows for the dissemination of text, photos and video to thousands of those subscribed to certain channels, has started blocking and deleting ones found to have links to the so-called Islamic State. So far we’re told that 78 channels, in as many as 12 different …

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Anonymous knocks out thousands of ISIS Twitter accounts

In the wake of the Paris attacks last week, Hacktivist movement Anonymous recently announced its intention to go after so-called Islamist State militants and recruiters on Twitter. So far it seems to be having some real success, with claims of more than 5,500 pro-ISIS Twitter accounts taken down, and a …

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FBI wants encryption backdoor to combat ISIS

Another day, another leading public figure who’s calling for the breaking of encryption so that it can effectively track terrorist organisations. This time it’s the head of the FBI, James Comey, who said that his policing agency needed a “backdoor” to encryption standards so that the FBI could track the …

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Vice airs Obama interview

Last week Vice debuted a trailer of founder Shane Smith’s sit down with US President Barack Obama, hinting at some of the topics that they had discussed earlier in the week. Now the interview has been released in full, touching on everything from climate change, to political gridlocks and even on …

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Anonymous takes down hundreds of ISIS social media accounts

The hacktivist movement Anonymous has made good on its promises to target those associated with the violent extremist organisation, ISIS, by taking over and knocking out hundreds of websites and social media accounts that help promote the organisation and encourage recruitment from new members. Apparently though, this is just the …

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