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Apple protected by Judge in separate phone cracking case

A judge has ruled that the American government is not legally entitled to force Apple to unlock an iPhone in a drug case, currently taking place in New York. Although entirely unrelated to the ongoing FBI demands of Apple with regards to the San Bernardino attacker's phone, this case is …

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Ross Ulbricht appeal kicks off with attack on corrupt feds

Convicted Silk Road founder Ross Ulbricht has served a year of his double-life sentence without parole, but is now getting the chance to appeal his original conviction. The first step on that road is a big one too, as his legal team submitted a 140+ page document requesting the original trial …

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US government seizes Dotcom’s millions again

Kim Dotcom has been legally embattled with US and New Zealand authorities for over three years. During that time he's launched services and political entities and even found time to rank as one of the best FPS players in the world, but it hasn't been all smooth sailing. One of …

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Judge rules ISPs don’t have to expose pirates

For media groups, the war on piratcy is one that will never be won, but there are battles that can be fought and contested and one of the ones they like fight the most, is send letters out to allegedly infringing internet users demanding money. However, they can't do that …

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US telecom firm backed by judge in FBI staredown

Credo Mobile

A US telecoms firm has been facing off against the Federal Bureau of Investigation in court, challenging the federal authority over its consistent attempts to retrieve the data of private citizen's – and impressively, it won. Credo Mobile is the company in question, which has now hailed the victory as …

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