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French politicians urge rethink on Taxi laws due to Uber

Uber has been a pretty disruptive company to the traditional taxi industries around the world. There have been protests, sometimes violent, against the use of the technology as it tends to cut into the profits of those driving standard taxis. In the aftermath of these issues, Uber has actually suspended …

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Tim Cook lashes out at US religious freedom laws

Head of Apple, Tim Cook, has spoken out against US based religious freedom laws, which let individuals ignore anti-discrimination laws as long as their religion allows it. Cook however believes that the laws, which as many as 20 US states have instigated, are merely a sanctioned lack of tolerance, often specifically …

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UK Cold caller clampdown coming soon

Have you been pestered by cold callers lately? If you live in the UK then chances are the answer is yes, but never fear, as the government has announced a new change to traditional legislation that will make it far easier to take the companies responsible to task. Even though last year …

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US approves drone usage for films, not delivery

Drones were always going to need regulation. As fun a toy as they are, as they get lighter, smaller and more powerful, they have the potential to travel higher and further and that means they could not only invade people's privacy, but also pose a real hazard to civilian and military …

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US Navy is laying down the LaWS, with lasers

LaWS system

Someone get the moon base ready, as we have a “laser” finally worthy of an evil genius. The United States Navy has just posted a video showing the test firing of it's Laser Weapon System (LaWS). In the video, you can see the LaWS weapons platform engaging both waterborne and airborne targets …

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