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VTech admits to toy hack that affected 6.4 million children

Hong Kong based toy-company, VTech, has admitted that the details of more than six million children and their parents were revealed in a recent hack of its Innotab child-friendly tablet. The hack revealed not only names and addresses, but often photos that the children had taken, as well as messages …

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Yahoo Mail just killed off passwords

A while back, Yahoo began its move away from traditional passwords by offering users single-use SMS codes to log in to their accounts. Now, things have progressed further, with Yahoo introducing what is called the ‘Account Key', which allows mail users to log in using push notifications on their smartphone, …

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Google data suggests UK is becoming more privacy concious

Although the fact that Google tracks an awful lot of data about individuals is perhaps a bit ironic considering this particular data set, it's hard to argue that it's not interesting to see emerging trends among different sections of society. In this case, Google searches related to personal privacy, hacking …

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Yahoo wants to move to password-free logins

Several tech companies have been working on ways to replace the traditional password for quite a while now, some have moved to biometric scanners, like Apple with Touch ID but Yahoo wants to go in a different direction with mobile phone verification. Yahoo is currently setting up a system for ‘on-demand' …

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Researcher unveils 10 million people’s passwords

If you have been using the same password for years, then perhaps this will encourage you not to. A researcher by the name of Mark Burnett, has released a list of over 10 million passwords and usernames which he was able to harvest in clear text from various websites and …

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Security firm outs Russian hack that stole a billion passwords

According to US digital security firm Hold Security, a Russian criminal group has perpetrated the biggest hack in living history, stealing over 1.2 billion usernames and password combinations from over 400,000 different websites, many of them high profile. As it stands, Hold is unwilling to divulge which sites were affected, …

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