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Renting skips Insomnia LAN headaches


As well organised as the Insomnia LAN events are, there are a number of issues that are intrinsic with a large scale LAN experience: there will be queues and there is always the chance you'll break something important. One solution that's becoming increasingly popular is renting systems and the prices …

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Fans compare Star Citizen rentals to freemium games

If there's one game that has elicited nothing but love for a long time now, it's Star Citizen. Despite the large price tags on many of the game's biggest and baddest ships, some of which still aren't in the game yet, over three quarters of a million people have helped contribute more …

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Sony criticized for overpriced Playstation Now beta

Sony is currently facing heavy criticism from gamers, YouTuber's and traditional media outlets over its Playstation Now beta pricing. Right now the service is offering plenty of older titles such as Saints Row the Third and Final Fantasy XIII-2 but the rental options are more expensive than buying a physical …

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Rental options appear on the Playstation store

Sony revealed its plans for Playstation Now at CES in January, the game streaming service will include rental streaming options but it seems Sony might be looking to experiment with rental download options too as an option for one day, seven day and 30 day rentals appeared on titles in …

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Say goodbye to Lovefilm

Lovefilm, one of Netflix's longest running competitors – though not on the same level – is set to disappear soon, as Amazon is going to rebrand the service to Amazon Instant Video and bundle it into the Amazon Prime Service, offering media and free shipping all in the same breath. …

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Blockbuster finally closing all stores this weekend

If you've never visited a Blockbuster but it was on your list of things to do before you die, you better do it this weekend as by Monday, every single one of the chain's last remaining stores will permanently shut down. For good this time. It's not coming back. This …

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