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Man pleads guilty to ‘Fappening’ celebrity photo leak


The celebrity nude picture leaks of 2014, colloquially known as “The Fappening,” now have a patient zero, as 29 year old Edward Majerczyk from Iowa, U.S., has plead guilty to hacking email accounts to obtain the images. While his lawyer denies that Majerczyk disseminated the images. Although sentencing has yet to take place, …

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200+ sentenced since new revenge porn laws introduced


During the 2015-2016 year ending in March, a total of 206 people were prosecuted utilising new ‘revenge porn’ laws introduced at the start of last year. This comes out of a Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) report, which looks at many aspects of sexual offences against men and women. A big reason for …

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Reddit to kill anyone’s nude photos if they ask

Reddit is taking a stance on personal privacy and has enacted a new policy in its latest administrative changes update that will mean if anyone complains about a nude or sexually suggestive photo of themselves being disseminated on the site, it will be removed without question. Ultimately, any such photo …

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Snapchat could be worth as much as $19 billion

Despite last year’s “Snappening” showing that thanks to malicious third party applications, Snapchat images are anything but temporary, the service continues to see heavy usage and is now seeking new funding which if successful, would value the company at over $19 billion (£12.3 billion). If Snapchat is able to raise …

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Snapchat photo leak blamed on third party apps

Late last week, the world learned that it isn’t just celebrities that have been victim of a photo hacking scandal, but the public too. A large number of Snapchat users are said to have been affected, with some 100,000 images dumped online for all to see. Snapchat’s statement on the matter …

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