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What’s your favourite gaming soundtrack?

As someone who spends a lot of time writing while trying not to be distracted by all the wonders of the internet, I love a good video game soundtrack. They play along nicely in the background while I work, just as when I game, keeping me immersed, focused and on …

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Creative Assembly on making Alien: Isolation sound authentic

Whatever your thoughts on Gearbox’s Aliens: Colonial Marines, one thing they did get right with it, was the sounds of the assault rifles and that’s commendable, even if the rest of the game isn’t. And that’s because sound in the Alien universe is incredibly important. The original film’s orchestral score …

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Rockstar releases GTAV soundtrack

Rockstar isn’t done making money just yet, after earning more than $1 billion in its first week and making Grand Theft Auto V the fastest selling game of all time, its only right to release the soundtrack. ‘The Music of Grand Theft Auto V Collection’ spans across three albums with …

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