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U.S. businesses complain about new EU privacy rules

EU citizens' data cannot be so easily sent to the U.S. any more thanks to a ruling on Tuesday which saw a European court shoot down the “Safe Harbour” system, which allows companies to self-certify whether they have enough data protection measures in place when sending customer information overseas. Moving …

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Chinese government blocks foreign anti-virus firms

China has continued its general consolidation inward when it comes to the internet and has announced that both Symantec and Kapersky anti-virus are no longer approved vendors. Instead, it's promoting the use of Chinese anti-malware companies, adding five to its list of recommended software providers. The news comes out of …

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Symantec and Microsoft shutdown search fraud botnet


A botnet that hijacked the clicks and search results of millions of net users has been shut down by Microsoft and Symantec. Apparently the group responsible was netting over a million dollars a year through advertising revenue, generated by the misappropriated traffic. In order to achieve the shut down, the Microsoft Symantec …

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Holy rejection: When spam filtration goes wrong

We've all lived with spam for so long, that we're so tuned into the concept, that we often tune out the rejection process. While the Nigerian Generals will live long in the collective memory of the post-web society, there are more marginal situations where – to be honest – a …

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Symantec have $3 billion to invest in acquisitions this year

Symantec are one of the industries big players and Enrique Salem, their chief executive is not hiding his desire to invest in new opporunities. According to Reuters he is in the market for new takeovers. Symantec's last deal was to purchase Verisign for the secure transaction sign up capabilities. This …

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Facebook deny Symantec ‘security risk’ report

Symantec recently wrote a report on FaceBook security issues, highlighting that millions of people had personal data at risk. Yesterday Facebook made a statement arguing with the points that Symantec published. Facebook spokeswoman Malorie Lucich sent out an email to ComputerWorld which read “We appreciate Symantec raising this issue and …

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Symantec claim Rustock takedown reduced spam by 33%

Between March 15th and March 17th, global spam volumes fell by 33.6% according to a Symantec MessageLabs Intelligence report. We can all thank Microsoft for this global improvement. The Rustock botnet takedown has been a good thing, spam in a single week has reduced from 52 billion to 33 billion. …

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