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Take-Two acquire spaceflight simulator Kerbal Space Program

Kerbal Space Program developers, Squad have made headlines recently, from large change-ups in its team to several of the former-Squad developers being hired by Valve for a currently unannounced title. The most recent change comes from Rockstar and 2K’s parent company, Take-Two, purchasing the publishing rights to Kerbal Space Program. …

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Courts finally dismiss Lindsey Lohan’s GTA V lawsuit


More than two years on since actress Lindsay Lohan began legal action against GTA V publisher, Take-Two, for what she claimed was an unlicensed use of her image for some of the game’s art and one of the in-game characters too, the courts have thrown it out. Lohan’s suit began …

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Take-Two is suing the BBC over Rockstar drama/documentary

Rockstar’s parent company, Take-Two, is taking legal action against The BBC, in response to a dramatized documentary that the network has been developing, following the upstart of Rockstar Games and the creation of Grand Theft Auto, supposedly in an attempt to encourage young people to get in to programming. It …

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Take-Two Interactive explains GTA V PC delay

Rockstar parent company, Take-Two Interactive, released its quarterly earnings this week and incidentally, that means we get a small peak inside the inner-workings of the publisher. Most companies have to justify or explain business decisions to investors so when the earnings report came around, Take-Two had to acknowledge the reasoning …

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Now Take Two wants a taste of the used game pie

Microsoft has made it quite clear that it’s taking a pickaxe to the used game industry and it’s mining a chunk of change from it before dismembering it over the next few years. At least that’s the plan, but not everyone is keen to let the software giant have all …

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