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First consumer autonomous car trial to begin in Singapore

Cars that drive themselves is something that we’re gradually easing towards with trials and tests, but nobody has begun a full commercial roll out of the technology, until now. In Singapore they’ve signed off on the first official test of autonomous taxis, with MIT spin off, Nutonomy, beating the likes …

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Uber secures $1.15 billion in leveraged loan

As much as Uber is changing the way people catch lifts to and from places they need to go, as a company it’s a terrible money maker. Uber loses tens of millions every quarter, but has managed to stay afloat through investment and borrowing. That’s nothing new in 2016, as …

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Uber to push ahead with ride sharing in London

Uber has been facing off against Transport for London for some time now, but despite the transport authority discussing possibly adding minimum wait times for ride hailing, it has ploughed on doggedly. In its latest venture, it plans to shake up the landscape of travel in one of the world’s …

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New York Taxi companies sue city over Uber growth

Another town, another group of taxi companies and another Uber-centric lawsuit. Once again taxi companies are unhappy that Uber, the ride sharing application that has turned everyone into for-hire drivers, is taking all of their business, so they’re suing New York City and its transport authority for allowing the app-based …

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Users and business heads come out in support of Uber London

The app-based, ride hailing service, Uber, has faced a lot of criticism as it’s launched around the world, with governments and local authorities unsure how to deal with the relatively unregulated platform, and taxi drivers facing a very disruptive competitor to their long-standing monopoly on taking people from A-to-B. The …

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Uber offices raided again by Chinese authorities

Technology focused taxi-booking service, Uber, is once again under investigation by Chinese authorities, with another team of police sent to the company’s local headquarters. It’s part of a new investigation, though it’s not clear as to what crimes the authorities believe the firm has committed. Previously Uber was investigated for operating …

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