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ZTE accepts Trump’s $1.3bn fine to resume business

President Trump has pulled telecommunications company ZTE out of the very same fire he put it in, as the United States reaches a deal with China. Friday’s deal echoes what we had heard previously from inside sources, with ZTE paying a significant fine and changing up its management in order …

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Tech against Trump: tech firms push back on Trump order

This past weekend saw a lot of debate and discussion following the erratic implementation of U.S. President Donald Trump’s anti-immigration executive order. However while many people talked, a number of technology firms and leading representatives of the industry took action. Some provided legal support for those affected and others pledged …

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NASA joins US scientists rebelling against Trump administration

United States scientists are continuing to defy gag orders from the newly inaugurated U.S. President, Donald Trump and his administration, with now seemingly someone from NASA speaking out online. Using the Twitter account @RogueNASA, one “government employee” is speaking out on climate change and government oversight. Ninety-seven percent of climate …

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Oculus executives back founder over Trump meme investment


Palmer Luckey’s co-executives at Oculus VR have come forward with a message of solidarity for the company founder, despite a lambasting the 24 year old received online for his investment in a company posting memes and spam related to Donald Trump. They defend his right to support whatever political causes …

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