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Universal Windows apps coming to Xbox One this Summer

Following a few weeks of building up, Microsoft has finally spoke out about universal apps coming to the Xbox One at the Game Developers Conference this week. At GDC, Microsoft announced that developers would soon be able to publish Universal Windows Platform apps (UWP) to the Xbox Store, on top …

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Windows Store games come with some pretty big limitations

Microsoft is attempting to crack into PC gaming once again this year with a big push for new games coming to the Windows 10 app store. However, there are some problems with that as it turns out that Windows Store games come with some pretty big limitations, with games like …

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Xbox One to get Windows 10 Universal Apps

Microsoft made some huge changes to the Xbox One last year with the launch of ‘the new Xbox One Experience', which changed the entire software layout and updated the operating system to Windows 10. Now, it looks like Universal App support could be on the way for the console fairly soon. …

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