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Spotify user data shows up online but was apparently not hacked

This week, a Pastebin post containing hundreds of Spotify account credentials popped up online, leading many to believe that the music streaming service had fallen victim to some kind of hack. Information released included usernames, passwords, emails amongst other details but no payment information was leaked. However, it seems that …

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Court orders Google to expose eBook pirate

Media companies are constantly trying to gain access to user information in their fight against online pirates and from time to time, courts do sympathize with them. This week, a Dutch court has ordered Google to hand over the personal details of a user who put pirated eBooks up on …

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Patreon suffers from security breach, user information compromised

Today, Patreon revealed that it recently suffered a security breach, during which someone gained unauthorized access to one of the site's databases containing user information. The security hole has already been patched up but names, email addresses and some shipping addresses were accessed. Patreon has let its users know via …

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Facebook accused of snooping in the EU

The Commission for the Protection of Privacy (CBPL), Belgium's data authority, has been investigating Facebook and has now accused it of NSA-style snooping. The Commission has been looking in to the social network for quite some time now and things have only gotten worse since the Snowden revelations. Back in …

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Spotify swiftly apologises following privacy concerns

Earlier today, Spotify updated its terms and conditions and thanks to the wording, it sounded like the streaming service wasn't taking user privacy very seriously at all. Fortunately, the company's CEO, Daniel Ek, is eager to clear things up a bit and try to stop people from freaking out. In …

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