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Xbox monthly active users surpasses 120 million

While Microsoft saw a decline in gaming revenue last quarter, the number of monthly active Xbox users is up. As of last quarter, Xbox set a new record of 120 million MAUs.  As VGC reports, in the second quarter of Microsoft's fiscal year, Xbox has registered record-breaking numbers of game …

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Verizon and Yahoo agree to $4.48 billion purchase price


Following lengthy debates and much fall out at the news that Yahoo had suffered a number of breaches over the past few years, a deal has been reached for the planned Verizon buyout. It won't be quite the near $5 billion initially offered, but neither has Yahoo lost a billion …

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MegaUpload user still wants his files back

As much as we can argue over whether Kim Dotcom deserved to be arrested and his website, MegaUpload, shut down back in 2012, there is one group we can all agree were victims: the users. MegaUpload members had no warning that one January morning three years ago that the files …

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Steam breaks new user records

While we might not all be thrilled with the way Valve handled this year's Steam Summer Sale, in terms of getting people to play games, it was a resounding success. Over this weekend the digital distribution platform broke all previous records for concurrent players, topping eight million. This is its …

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Gabe Newell talks Steam of the future


Gabe Newell has been speaking out about the future of Steam quite a bit recently, with a lot of focus of expanding its reach and giving better opportunities to smaller developers. However, he's also been thinking about having much less Valve involvement, replacing its current gatekeeper like system with an …

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