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Destiny 2 director asks what you want in its first expansion

With Destiny 2 taking consoles by storm and soon to release on PC, developers have set their sights ahead towards the first expansion pack. Keen on not making the same mistakes as it did with the first game, Bungie has taken to Twitter to get fan feedback on exactly what you want to see in the future of the title.

The first Destiny suffered from hiccups in its story and end-game content in that none of it was truly compelling to keep players returning. Unfortunately, the bulk of the game came in subsequent expansions, requiring the user to pay full-price again for something the game always should have included.

The studio is already aiming to build a “big, expansive story,” which it has so far successfully managed to lay the groundwork for in its base game of Destiny 2. But where improvements have been vastly made in its narrative and left many excited to see what is to happen in the vast universe next, Destiny 2 still suffers in its end-game content.

Since the majority of improvements to Destiny 2 have come from fan feedback, it’s no surprise that the game’s director Christopher Barrett opened up a dialogue on Twitter, asking fans “What would you most like to see in the first expansion?” So now is your chance to shape the game how you want it to be.

KitGuru Says: I do feel like Bungie has taken steps in the right direction with Destiny 2 but I am still treading lightly with the sequel title after feeling a little ripped off from the total cost of the first game’s content. Still, so far so good. Are you having a good experience with Destiny 2? What do you want to see in future expansions?

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