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Wavemaster Stax Second Generation Speakers Review

The contents of the box is almost identical to what we found last May – with a sub-woofer, a pair of satellites, volume control with integrated headphone socket, microphone input and alternative input alongside cables and instructions.

Putting the speakers together is simple and, once assembled, we lined them up against the old Stax and a set of similarly priced Creative Labs units.

The box is almost identical, but we have been assured by Wavemaster that all of the stock presently in the channel is the latest version.


The box contains everything you need to set up the speakers, including the handy remote which lets you control the volume as well as plugging in headphones, microphones and an auxiliary source – without the need to scramble around under your desk/TV.

Wavemaster-Stax-V2-ReviewKitGuru-Paqckage-Contents  Wavemaster-Stax-V2-ReviewKitGuru-Speakers

The sub-woofer dominates proceedings, housing the weighty, high performance, long stroke bass driver.

Wavemaster-Stax-V2-ReviewKitGuru-Sub-Woofer-Reverse-Side  Wavemaster-Stax-V2-ReviewKitGuru-Sub-Woofer-Side


The satellites are cool looking, solidly built with a neat hinge mechanism to let you get the optimum angle for your listening environment.

Wavemaster-Stax-V2-ReviewKitGuru-Satellites  Wavemaster-Stax-V2-ReviewKitGuru-Satellite

And here’s the competition.

Wavemaster Stax Original Creative Labs KitGuru

Now on to the test environment.

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