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Leo Says 59: Tock Is Cheap

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger took to video to outline his IDM (Integrated Device Manufacturing) 2.0 Vision during the company’s global “Intel Unleashed: Engineering the Future” webcast. Video is much safer than a Press conference or an interview as you don't have to face any questions or substantiate the claims that you make.

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00:00 Start
00:15 Introduction
01:00 Tock is cheap
03:34 IDM 2.0
04:47 Process innovation???
05:09 Intels leadership in packaging technology
05:37 Expanded use of third party foundry capacity
06:30 Building a world class foundry business
07:08 Accelerating Intels IDM 2.0 strategy
07:36 Official quotes from Gelsinger
09:19 Intel’s 7nm Progress
10:27 Some notes
11:19 Product Roadmap update
12:48 Ponte Vecchio gets exposed
13:22 Leo ‘prove it to us Intel, I have no faith you can deliver’


Announcing manufacturing expansion plans; beginning with $20 billion investment to build two new fabs in Arizona
Intel 7 nanometer process development progressing well with tape in of 7nm compute tile for “Meteor Lake” expected in the second quarter of 2021
Announcing Intel Foundry Services with plans to become a major provider of foundry capacity in the U.S. and Europe to serve customers globally
Announcing plans for new research collaboration with IBM
Bringing the spirit of Intel Developer Forum event back this year with Intel Innovation event planned for October in San Francisco

IDM 2.0 represents the combination of three components that will enable the company to drive sustained technology and product leadership:

Today, Gelsinger re-affirmed the company’s expectation to continue manufacturing the majority of its products internally. The company’s 7nm development is progressing well, driven by increased use of extreme ultraviolet lithography (EUV) in a rearchitected, simplified process flow.

Intel expects to tape in the compute tile for its first 7nm client CPU (code-named “Meteor Lake”) in the second quarter of this year.

“In addition to process innovation” – say what?

Intel’s leadership in packaging technology is an important differentiator that enables the combination of multiple IPs or “tiles” to deliver uniquely tailored products that meet diverse customer requirements in a world of pervasive computing.

So that's tiles rather than chiplets.

Expanded use of third-party foundry capacity. Intel expects to build on its existing relationships with third-party foundries, which today manufacture a range of Intel technology – from communications and connectivity to graphics and chipsets. Gelsinger said he expects Intel’s engagement with third-party foundries to grow and to include manufacturing for a range of modular tiles on advanced process technologies, including products at the core of Intel’s computing offerings for both client and data center segments beginning in 2023.

Building a world-class foundry business, Intel Foundry Services. Intel announced plans to become a major provider of U.S.– and Europe-based foundry capacity to serve the incredible global demand for semiconductor manufacturing.

To accelerate Intel’s IDM 2.0 strategy, Gelsinger announced a significant expansion of Intel’s manufacturing capacity, beginning with plans for two new fabs in Arizona, located at the company’s Ocotillo campus. These fabs will support the increasing requirements of Intel’s current products and customers, as well as provide committed capacity for foundry customers.

This build-out represents an investment of approximately $20 billion,
Official quotes from Gelsinger

“We are focused on four areas to deliver leadership products and digital innovations in the years ahead: one, be the leader in every category in which we compete; two, execute flawlessly to our commitments; three, passionately innovate with boldness and speed; and four, reignite our culture to attract and motivate the best engineers and technologists on the planet.”

“First, Intel’s internal factory network. Integrated manufacturing has been foundational to our success, enabling product optimization, improved economics, and supply resilience. … As I mentioned on the January earnings call, we will continue to build the majority of our products in Intel fabs. … The world will move from system-on-chip to ‘system-on-package,’ and Intel’s unquestioned leadership in packaging technologies becomes even more valuable.”

“Second, we will also expand our use of third-party foundry capacity across our portfolio to deliver the best products in every category that we participate in.”

Leo's key takeaways

Ponte Vecchio Xe-HPC graphics and Aurora due at the end of 2021

Meteor Lake design will be taped in by end of Q2 2021
client CPU for 2023 with ‘7nm compute tile'
12th Gen Alder Lake on 10nm with Golden Cove and DDR4/DDR5/LPDDR5
13th Gen Raptor Lake on 10nm with Golden Cove and DDR5/LPDDR5X
14th Gen Meteor Lake on 7nm with Redwood Cove

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