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Ouya set for commercial release in June


The little console that set Kickstarter ablaze and began what seems to be a current trend of crowd funding little home consoles to rival the big boys, has had its final release date outed. Those that didn’t pre-order or get in on the ground floor, will be able to get …

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Nintendo has a plan to let home consoles live on


Head at Nintendo, Satoru Iwata, has expressed his confusion over the current trend of interest in cloud and mobile gaming and has suggested that going into the future, his company has plans to maintain the current setup of dominant home consoles. The big idea, is to universalise Nintendo software across …

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New Android Malware infects smartphone and uses PC to spy

New Android malware called Droidcleaner has been causing problems for many people, infecting smartphones and using a PC to spy on the end user. Researchers at Kaspersky Labs have uncovered the new malware which poses as a ‘cleaner’ style application, and one that can ‘free used’ memory on devices. It …

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New 3DMark available for download

For those who missed it, Futuremark released their latest 3DMark – simply called ‘3DMark’. Yesterday the company launched the PC version, although there will be versions for Android, iOS and Windows RT released in the near future. In their press release the company say “The new 3DMark includes everything you …

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Amazon offer support for OUYA android console

The OUYA Android powered gaming console funded on KickStarter will begin selling through Amazon, as well as Gamestop and other retailers. Preorders will start being taken on Tuesday in advance of retail availability in June 2013. American retails such as Best Buy and Target are also onboard to sell the …

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Borderlands 2 writer defends “racist” character

Tiny Tina

One of the writers for Borderlands 2, Anthony Burch, has responded to criticism about the character Tiny Tina, which some people have been suggesting speaks in a manner that could be considered racist, or at the very least stereotypical. He’s suggested that this was in no way the intention but if …

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Windows 8 market share 2%: Windows 7 45%

Microsoft Windows 8 has not met with the most successful launch for the company and according to data released by analytics firm Net Applications the market share is still very low. According to the new figures released, Windows 8 only has 2.26 percent of the desktop operating systems market. Windows …

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Twitter admit 250,000 users have passwords stolen

Twitter have admitted that 250,000 users have had their passwords and email addresses stolen by hackers. This breach is one of the biggest ever recorded by Twitter, they may have over 200 million users, but a quarter of a million people have had their accounts compromised. Twitter have said they …

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Sony tease Playstation 4 details at event

Sony have sent out invitations to journalists for a 20th February conference on ‘the future of Playstation’. This may mean a detailed announcement on the next generation Playstation 4 console. The news has caused much debate online on many blog sites. Gamers have been wanting an upgrade for the Playstation …

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Firefox to block almost all Web Browser plug-ins

Firefox maker Mozilla have announced that the browser will soon block all browser plug-ins except Adobe Flash Player by default. Michael Coates, Mozilla director of security assurance spoke out in a blog posting “One of the most common exploitation vectors against users is drive-by exploitation of vulnerable plug-ins.” He added …

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Tumblr add mature rating to iOS application

Tumblr are trying to avoid the same problem that has plagued the Twitter Vine App. The company has included a 17 and over age warning for their iOS application, this will be seen by a new user and anyone who updates the software to version 3.2.4, released last night. Tumblr …

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Steam user base is still growing, fast

Steam Stats

While many might look at Steam as the default platform for gaming on the PC, it obviously hasn’t got everyone on board yet, as its user base is growing all the time and according to new statistics, that growth is accelerating too. Back in January last year, Steam had a …

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China may lift a decade long ban on consoles

China are considering removing a decade long ban on the sale of consoles on home territory. The official China Daily newspaper has published an article today which has sent shares of the major console players soaring. We reported back in November last year that the Playstation 3 had received a …

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Microsoft Windows division up 24% on year

Microsoft are proudly reported their revenue for the second quarter of their 2013 financial year. Company performance is strong in all areas however the Windows division is the big talking point, showing 24 percent year on year growth. Revenue was £13,580 billion, an increase of 3 percent on the same …

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PS4 specs leaked

It was only a few days ago that we heard what the guts of the Xbox 720 will be like and now we’re getting a taste of its main competitor the PS4, with a purported leak that gives us a run down of what we can expect inside Sony’s next-gen …

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Let’s get the elderly gaming

For a long time, gaming has been considered a pursuit of the young. Whether you were part of the original generations of growing-up gamers that had an Atari of some kind, or early PCs, whether your parents bought you a NES or a PS1, you were a child gamer. It’s …

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How fast will Sky Go eat your data plan?

For anyone with an iPad and Sky, last night was really fun. Sky’s programming team forced through an update, which didn’t work, and services across the land were severely disrupted. One reader send us an interesting screen grab and we’d like to share the contents with you. Sky Go runs …

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DmC: Devil May Cry Review (PS3)

Kitguru gaming writer Matthew Vicente has just beaten the new Devil May Cry title on the Playstation 3. There has been a lot of criticism for this game before it was released. Some fans of the original titles have been crying foul at the redesign of Dante and anything else …

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