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McAfee proclaim an (almost) end to Botnet malware

McAfee have gathered 113 million core samples of malware signatures in the last year and they are going to use that information into a new software suite using behavioral heuristics in their code to spot unknown samples. The final result could mean that botnets would be defeated, worldwide. Pat Calhoun, …

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Crysis 3 Review – worth £40?

Our guy Paul Collins has reviewed Crysis 3 after beating the single player in less than 7 hours. He says “I remember when the original Crysis was released and a horde of PC gamers went rushing to the hardware store to spend money on a new graphics card. That game …

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Promo Bay has a new success story

The Pirate Bay launched a service last year called The Promo Bay, which saw bands, musicians and other artists get a front page placement on TPB – one of the world’s biggest sites – for a few days of promotion. The latest success story was an indie game created by …

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Windows 8 a flop with Kitguru readers

It would be fair to say that Windows 8 hasn’t received the warmest of welcomes among the enthusiast users who visit tech sites like Kitguru. Over the last three months we have ran several polls on Facebook and we are currently running one on the main Kitguru.net website. The results …

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PS4 won’t block used games


Gamers the world over can breathe a sight of relief, as it has now been confirmed by Sony that the PlayStation 4, will not block used games – despite a patent filing seen earlier this year that suggested otherwise. The confirmation was made by Eurogamer while speaking with Sony Worldwide …

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New PS4 controller has a touchpad


The new controller for the PS4 has now been unveiled and it incorporates a few new features as well as improving on old ones. The controller latency has been improved and shortened, as well as a strengthening of its rumble abilities. The new additions are a little more exciting however, including a …

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Curry’s opens “gaming bunker”

Curry PC World

While we might have seen the British gaming high street retailers fall apart in recent years, one more hardware and electronics focused company is looking to keep retail gaming alive with the creation of a “gaming bunker,” which sees one Curry’s store on Tottenham Court Road, London, make several high …

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PS4 will be cheaper at launch than PS3


The PlayStation 4 is set to be shown off for the first time tomorrow and already fresh rumours are appearing. The latest one is suggesting that it could launch at a lower price point than the PS3 did – as low as £300. This report comes from the Times, which …

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Sony cuts Vita price in Japan ahead of PS4 unveil


Sony has slashed the price of the PS Vita in Japan, ahead of its conference on Wednesday, where it is expected to debut the PlayStation 4 console, as well as offer potential would wide price reductions for current-gen hardware. According to Reuters, you can now get the 3G Wifi version of the …

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BBC supports idea of HTML DRM


The BBC, an organisation that in the past has championed open standards – according to their own blog – has pledged its support for the W3C proposal put forward by big media giants last week, in an effort to have the standards group push for DRM restrictions on HTML. The …

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New Q*Bert record is over 80 hours long


The last two major attempts to take down a thirty year standing record for Q*Bert have required a tag team duo, presumably for mutual support as much as competitive inspiration. The 2011 attempt failed, but the 2013 one has seen one man go all the way – smashing the 68 …

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Artists claim CNET responsible for all BitTorrent piracy


A collection of artists and billionaire FilmOn founder Alki David, have accused CBS and CNET’s run Download.com, as being responsible for most of the world’s piracy, simply because it currently and has for a long time, offered torrent software for download. Of course that’s like suggesting kitchen utensil sales companies like John …

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Chubby Checker sues HP for “chubby checker” app

Chubby Checker

Lawyers on  behalf of Chubby Checker, a singer most well known for his 1960 cover of 1959 Hank Ballard b-side, The Twist, are sueing Hewlett Packard and Palm for the use of the name “Chubby Checker,” for an app that was used to guess the size of a man’s penis. …

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Surface Pro optimised Android emulator

Many people have already heard of Bluestacks. An Android emulator which helps drive another 750,000 applications for the Surface Pro. The latest version however has been optimised specifically for Windows 8 and  the Surface Pro. The software has a Metro style, full screen interface for applications and a Charms menu …

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More Kinects sold than Gamecubes

Fighters Uncaged

When you look at the number of consoles sold in this generation, with the 360 selling over 76 million units, the PS3 around the same and the Wii just shy of 100 million, it’s hard to imagine that the last generation saw such reduced figures – unless you look at …

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Nvidia release ‘Gear Up’ Bundle

Due to the explosion of free-to-play gaming on the PC, bringing you next generation graphics in some of today’s biggest titles, we are starting to see more and more blockbuster games moving across to the free-to-play business model. It’s big business, with over 250 Million gamers now playing over 14 …

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Could you distribute the Nvidia Shield in the UK?


Ok maybe not you on your lonesome, but if you run a big tech firm, maybe you could handle the distribution of Nvidia’s handheld gaming device. You know, the one that can stream AAA titles straight from your PC? The reason I’m speculating like this, is because Nvidia is currently …

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US government potentially has social network spy tools


In a report that shows the capabilities of a piece of social networking snooping technology, developed by Raytheon, a US defence contractor, it has emerged that the tool, while not sold to any foreign parties, was shared with the US government in 2010. This means that the technology, dubbed ironically …

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bugged iOS 6.1 banned from corporate servers

The latest bug in iOS6.1 is causing issues for corporate servers due to ‘excessive logging’ on Exchange servers when a user connects for mail and calender services. A report on Microsoft Technet says “I had a user upgrade to 6.1 and immediately after he finished, his phone/IPAD started causing excessive …

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Journey developer went bankrupt to release it

The developer of hit social interaction indie title, Journey, thegamecompany, has been speaking about the development of the game, saying that a choice to hold off on release for a year ended up making the company go bankrupt – and many of the staff went without pay for a long …

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Project Holodeck: Ok, I want this

Project Holodeck

Lawnmower Man, Tron, The Matrix, anyone that’s grown up watching these sorts of movies that feature a virtual world and has gone back to their PC, a little more disappointed in its lack of immersion than they were before, has been looking for something like Project Holodeck their entire lives. …

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Symantec and Microsoft shutdown search fraud botnet


A botnet that hijacked the clicks and search results of millions of net users has been shut down by Microsoft and Symantec. Apparently the group responsible was netting over a million dollars a year through advertising revenue, generated by the misappropriated traffic. In order to achieve the shut down, the Microsoft Symantec …

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