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InWin unveils stunning bladed chassis

Without doubt, i46 is the best Multiplay LAN gaming event ever. We say ‘is’, because it doesn’t finish until Monday – so there’s still time if you want to go along and see what all the fuss is about. This report focuses on a very special chassis coming soon from …

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The Business: More GTA V screenshots

GTA V The Business

Hot off the heels of yesterday’s more relaxed looking GTA V screens, featuring tennis courts, parachuting and the sheer beauty of the natural world Rockstar looks to have created for its next Grand Theft Auto title, we have four new screengrabs that showcase scenes with a little more focus on …

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Hacktivists infect 30,000 PCs at Saudi oil company

For as long as there have been computers, there have been hackers. Moving forward in the 21st century, there seems to be an ever increasing risk of activists, with a political agenda and computer skills, attacking major companies without putting themselves at risk in the streets. KitGuru considers this latest …

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Smashing ideas for the future of gaming

While PCs and traditional consoles were busy focusing on how many pixels could be cinematically shaded with ultra-realism a decade ago, the team at Nintendo went in a different direction with the Wii. It was a serious wake up call to the big boys and led to products like Kinect. …

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Masters of Modding at GamesCom 2012

While Apple sells the world on a dream comprised of 50 shades of grey, the hardcore modders among you will crave something a little different. Over at GamesCom 2012, a large section of Hall 11 has been dedicated to the past (retro gaming), present (extreme sports) and the future (experimental …

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GamesCom 2012 Booth Babes: Part Zwei

While every game company spends big to make its stand more attractive than the next, the marketing people who create GamesCom exhibits are not shy of using plain, old-fashioned biology. Here’s a second selection of the booth babes being used to pull punters on to stands. Don’t worry ladies, you …

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Just how big is GamesCom 2012?

While experts on CNBC spent much of last Wednesday night discussing how likely it was that America would slip into a disastrous 2nd recession in 2013, after the presidential elections, Cologne was gearing up for the first public day of GamesCom 2012. KitGuru operatives sent back some cool shots that …

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Crytek Warface @ Gamescom

Without doubt, one of the most resource hungry games of all time was Crysis. At launch, it would bring even the most powerful machines to their knees at high resolution/image quality. How strange that the company responsible for such a behemoth would bring its expertise to an online game, but …

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Kaspersky needs your help with Gauss malware warhead

Captain Kapersky

Anti-virus maker and web security firm Kaspersky Lab, has begun reaching out to the world wide community with a plea for help. It’s looking for those interested in cryptology, numerology and maths, with the hope that someone will be able to help it crack an encryption key for a warhead …

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Gameglobe at Gamescom

While the majority of the halls at GamesCom 2012 are filled with mega games that will cost £40 at launch and you’ll spend 3 or 4 days scrambling furiously to complete, there are also some very cool online games that are, initially, free. KitGuru feels the need to create around …

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Half Life 3 could be debuted at Gamescom

Half Life 3

Update: Since writing this story, Eurogamer is saying that the Half Life 3 rumour is “a mistake,” according to the organisers of Gamescom. The hotly anticipated sequel to 2004’s Half Life 2 and its ensuing episodes, could appear for the first time at Gamescom, according to a PDF from the …

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Gauss virus to hit banking systems. state funded?

Kaspersky Lab have found another virus, which they claim could be state funded. This virus, nicknamed GAUSS appears to be have been written by the same people who handled the Flame, data mining virus. GAUSS has been detected on 2,500 computers, mostly in Lebanon according to Kaspersky. The code tries …

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Day Z gets standalone game

Day Z Official

Day Z, the zombie survival, permadeath mod for the three year old ARMA II, has now finally been given the go ahead as a full game. The original creator of the mod, Dean “Rocket” Hall will be the project lead, with ARMA II creator, Bohemia handling the publishing. The announcement …

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Dropbox admit hack – user accounts compromised

One of the most useful services online, Dropbox have admitted they were hacked. Some account names and passwords have been stolen in the process. Some users flagged that they were receiving spam associated with only the DropBox account. The company looked into the problems and found that some usernames and …

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