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Aerocool GT Advance Case Review

Rating: 8.0.

Today we are going to take a look at another case from Aerocool, the GT Advance, which is designed for those users who are on the tightest of budgets.  At a price of only £25, this is one of the cheapest branded models you will find, making it ideal for those who are willing to compromise on a case to spend their resources on the performance of the system.

Aerocool are best known for producing high-end touch screen fan controllers which are admired by enthusiasts around the globe.  Their portfolio is much broader, though, encompassing other products such as power supplies, cooling products and cases.  Their range of cases feature numerous models, including a handful of budget-friendly models. We were fairly impressed with the Aerocool Vs-92 that we reviewed recently, so we are excited to see what Aerocool can deliver at an even lower price point.



  • Specially designed front panel power LEDs with style.
  • Easy-to-remove bay cover design.
  • Accommodates high-end VGA cards up to 400mm.
  • Includes 2 sets of ODD screw-less kit.
  • 1 x 12cm fan in front+ 1x 12cm fan at rear.
  • USB3.0x1 + USB2.0x1 + audio/mic
  • Cable routing management.
  • Pre-drilled CPU holes for easy mounting and removal of CPU cooler.
  • Pre-drilled water-cooling holes.
  • Includes dust filter for power supply.

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  • Terrible Terrance

    Would this case not fall apart? how can they build it for £25 with any kind of quality at all?

  • Davis

    Its not the prettiest design, but like most of aerocools products its built to sell large quantities at the lowest possible price. I like some of their products, but this just screams ‘cheap far east case’ to me. Still, for kids with little money, it looks like a sound purchase

  • StaticFX

    Im not sure i would even take it if it was free.. its terribly ugly

  • What are the connections for the fans?

  • kti

    Were you able to close the case with the Noctua NH-U14S installed? The specs of the case indicate it can only accommodate cpu coolers up to 158mm but the NH-U14S with fan is already at 165mm….

  • John

    Yeah, I’m curious as well if you were able to close the case with a NH-U14S installed. I have this case lying around, and hoping to build a budget AMD based system on it soon and I’m currently considering cooling options.

  • Emilio

    Question: Can u close the box with Noctua NH-U14S installed? I have on mind to buy this configuration but some ppl says it needs around 220mm (Aerocool GT Advance has 200mm)

  • Phoenix Rising

    I just built a system in one of these.
    It’s no near an impressive case – neither in materials or looks.
    Cheap plastic and thin steel.
    But for the price, it does its job pretty well.
    And frankly, I find the fans surprisingly quiet.

  • Phoenix Rising

    Why would you compromise on the case, and not go for something of higher quality like i.e the NZXT H440?

    The steel of the GT Advance is rather thin, and I’d imagine that mounting a heavy cooler might strain it enough for vibrations to transfer into the frame.
    Even the HDD mounts are the old fashioned way, screwed directly into the bays.

    It’s adequate if you’re on a tight budget, but your other parts aren’t exactly cheap, so I’d recommend you save more money for at better quality case.

  • Santiago Rodriguez

    Este Gabiente es bastante malo, los materias son de muy mala calidad, puede romperse fácilmente, no recomendable es un asco, hay gabinetes mucho mejores por su precio.

    This Case is very bad,the materials are of very poor quality, easily broken, not recommended is disgusting, there are far better cabinets for its price.