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CES 2020: Custom cooling, new cases and more at Thermaltake’s booth

Following on from our earlier coverage of Thermaltake introducing the brand new DistroCase 350P at CES 2020, Leo takes a tour around the rest of the Thermaltake booth to check out what else is in store from the company in 2020.

First off, Leo takes a look at the innovative new Distrocase 350P open chassis for water cooling which he describes as “mind blowing”, you can check out a full feature video of the Thermaltake Distrocase 350P for more details on that. Sticking with water cooling distribution plates, Thermaltake had the Pacific DP100-D5 Plus Distro Plate on show which is designed to universally fit a 360mm radiator and is equipped with a D5 pump, along with the Pacific Core P5 DP-D5. Designed specifically for the Thermaltake D5 open frame chassis, the Pacific Core P5 DP-D5 is installed in one of the P5 chassis radiator mounts and features a D5 pump and RGB LED lighting.

Thermaltake has a bunch of ToughPower power supplies on display at CES, Thermaltake has equipped its Gold rated power supplies with RGB LED lighting now. Moving back on to water cooling, Leo looks at Thermaltake’s C-Pro fittings which he regards as the “best on the market” due to their three-piece design which includes four O-ring seals. The C-Pro range is available in straight and 90° angles with various anodised colour finishes.

Continuing with the custom water cooling theme, Thermaltake has a new D5 pump reservoir combo available now. The Pacific PR32-D5 Plus combo features a wider design to provide increased capacity, with RGB lighting in the top and bottom and has a 120mm mounting bracket included. Some new CPU and GPU water blocks were on show at the Thermaltake booth, new Pacific V-RX 5700 SE and V-RTX 2080 Ti SE GPU blocks feature large manifolds with rotating G1/4 inserts to assist tubing alignment which looked interesting.

The new Thermaltake Pacific W7 Plus CPU blocks are aesthetic updates of existing products with a removable top section logo, RGB Led lighting and support current mainstream desktop platforms from Intel and AMD, but unfortunately not Threadripper. Thermaltake was also showcasing a new range of budget all-in-one CPU coolers, the Floe M120/240/360 series cuts back on RGB lighting in the fans to save a little on production costs which will hopefully be passed on to the consumer.

Thermaltake has a range of new peripherals at CES including the TM5 mouse featuring a removable USB cable and RGB lighting, the TK5 keyboard is an updated variant of the TK, designed by Porsche with a detachable wrist rest and Cherry MX switches with added RGB. New PC cases include the View 51 TG ARGB, the AH T600 and the Level 20 RS ARGB which is an updated Level 20 GT with improved airflow from a mesh front panel. Leo liked the GT for its excellent radiator locations but was not impressed with its cooling performance so the RS has the potential to be very good.

Leo got to see plenty of new ToughRAM modules, some with RGB and some without, as well as WaterRam and a brand new AIO CPU cooler, the Floe RC 360 ARGB CPU and RAM cooler which is a regular looking CPU AIO with an additional RGB water block for the RAM. The AIO includes the RAM too so we expect it to be quite an expensive AIO solution.

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KitGuru says: Lots of interesting new products on show from Thermaltake at CES, my particular favourites are the DistroCase 350P and the Level 20 RS ARGB case. Do you guys like the look of anything new from the Thermaltake booth?

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