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Deepcool Captain 360X AIO CPU Cooler Review

In typical Deepcool tradition, the Captain 360X arrived packaged in a cardboard box decorated in the usual grey and green colour scheme with a large image of the cooler, references to the Anti-leak Technology and trademark logos printed on the front. On the rear of the packaging is a list of features and detailed technical specifications with dimensions.

Once unpacked, we get to appreciate how elegant the Deepcool Captain 360X looks with its white theme providing a clean and bright appearance compared to typical black AIO coolers. System building enthusiasts looking to create a white themed PC should find the colour scheme extremely appealing. The black accents on the fans and tubing along with the silver U-shaped pipe provide a nice contrast to the white.

Deepcool has included extensive mounting hardware to cover all current desktop and high-end desktop platforms, meaning the Captain X series is compatible with all current mainstream socket types, so the cooler offers a good solution for future system upgrades.


All the mounting hardware is sorted into bags with labels to distinguish which platform the parts are suited to. This will obviously help during the installation process and along with the detailed installation manual that’s in the box, should cut the installation time.

As well as extensive mounting hardware, the Deepcool Captain 360X comes with a PWM fan controller, an RGB extension cable and a simple RGB lighting controller with just three buttons to control RGB lighting colours, patterns and brightness. This may look a little primitive compared to controllers from other manufacturers, but it should help cable management too.

The three 120mm TF 120 S fans included with the Captain 360X are the same fans as we have seen used in other Deepcool AIO’s such as the Castle 240EX. These fans are specifically designed for use with radiators as they provide high static pressure with a PWM controlled speed range of 500-1800 RPM. The only noticeable difference with these is the white frames that contrast greatly with the black fan blades.

Moving on to the actual cooler itself, in typical Deepcool style the radiator seems to be manufactured out of high-quality materials, with a smooth and even white coating applied to it. In the bottom corner, below the tube outlets, is a plug covering the Anti-leak bag with a caution sticker applied over it.

A healthy length of tubing at approximately 480mm has been utilised with the Captain 360X, and the tubing includes a high-quality braided sleeving for a premium appearance. At the pump end of the tubing are rotating fittings which should help with orientation when it comes to installation.

The Captain 360X pump housing is made from plastic and that too has a good quality feel. It is worth noting that there is a slight difference in the shade of white between the upper and lower parts of the housing. However, it isn’t too noticeable and shouldn’t detract from the overall appearance.


On top of the pump housing is a series of opaque fins in a circular pattern which light up with RGB illumination once the cooler is connected to power. Just below is another line of RGB lighting that covers the perimeter of the pump housing. In the centre of the RGB circle is the trademark Captain U-shaped tube, which in the X series, is manufactured from stainless steel.

On either side of the pump body, just above the mounting brackets are subtle Gamer Storm logos and on the underside, there is a large, smooth, square copper thermal plate which has an even and accurately machined finish, with a pre-applied thermal compound coating.

Overall, the appearance of the Deepcool Captain 360X is very pleasing. Enthusiast system builders looking to create a white themed system with RGB lighting will no doubt find this AIO cooler a very attractive option when planning out their next build. The use of high-quality materials means not only does it look great, it should perform well too.

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