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AMD Radeon Pro WX 8200 Professional Graphics Card Review

LuxMark 3.1

OpenCL is a platform for harnessing GPU power for activities other than real-time 3D rendering to screen, also known as GPGPU. Unlike NVIDIA’s CUDA platform, OpenCL is open source and can be ported to anything with processing power. So drivers are available for CPUs as well, both from Intel and AMD. NVIDIA's graphics cards also support OpenCL, albeit an earlier version (1.2) than the AMD cards, which support version 2.0.

A popular tool for testing OpenCL performance is LuxMark. We rendered the most gruelling Hotel Lobby scene.

The WX 8200 clearly has a huge amount of raw OpenCL power available. In fact, it beat the WX 9100 in this test by four per cent. It's 47 per cent ahead of the P4000, and the P5000 is strangely even further behind. Only the P6000 steams ahead, but only by 9 per cent.

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