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Signs seem to be pointing towards an August launch for GTX 1180

With the Pascal architecture hitting two years old, we’ve known that Nvidia would be looking to up its game with a new generation of graphics cards soon. In fact, rumours surrounding the GTX 11-series have been floating around since January. Most recently, we began hearing talk of a July launch, but according to reports, Nvidia has begun sending out invites for an event in August, with signs now pointing towards Gamescom.

Signs pointing towards an incoming GTX 1180 launch have been floating around for a while now. Outside of various rumours, it is a fact that Nvidia had initially scheduled a talk about new architecture for the HotChips conference in August. This talk has since been cancelled, but Micron also recently kicked off mass production of GDDR6 memory, another sign that new GPUs are not far off.

Now according to Videocardz‘ sources, Nvidia has begun sending out press invites for an event around the same time as Gamescom. If Nvidia wants to target gamers once again, then this event makes a lot of sense, as it is essentially the European equivalent of E3.

According to the report, the invitation specifically mentions hands-on time with the latest PC gaming titles, which in my mind, is another point towards this event taking place adjacent to, or at Gamescom. The invitation does not mention new hardware, but it is unlikely that Nvidia would be flying press out to Germany just to show off some games, without something new to drive them.

KitGuru Says: At this point, I think the hunger for new graphics cards has reached an all-time high. A two year gap in architecture is starting to feel like an eternity at this point, despite the GTX 1080Ti launching much later than anticipated. Are any of you waiting on new graphics cards before upgrading? What are you expecting from the GTX 1180 in terms of performance? 

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