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HQV Benchmark 2.0 Analysis – ATi, nVidia and Intel

The first section is based around Video Conversion tests, followed up by a long series of Cadence related tests and lastly we get to examine colour upscaling errors.

These tests focus on the performance of the cadence detector at varying speed of motion. They are more severe stress tests than the Stadium 2:2 and 3:2 on the last couple of pages.

When the globe is moving through the right side of the screen, it is displayed with a 3:2 cadence, while on the left, the cadence is 2:2. A scoring guide is provided on the screen, with a green zone that begins right at the cadence boundary, a yellow zone which starts a half-second later, and a red zone that begins one second into the cadence zone.

Response time – Transition 2:2 Lock (Score either 5, 2 or 0)
Scores less than 1/2 second to transition from 3:2 to 2:2 – Scores 5
Takes more than 1/2 second to transition from 3:2 to 2:2. – Scores 2
Takes more than one second to transition from 3:2 to 2:2– Scores 0

Intel GMA X4500 (G41)
Intel HD Graphics
ATI HD4200 (IGP)
ATI HD5450 (Discrete)
ATI HD5550 (Discrete)
ATI HD5770 (Discrete)
ATI HD5850 (Discrete)
ATI HD5870 (Discrete)
NV G210 (Discrete)
NV G220 (Discrete)
NV GTX 465 (Discrete)
NV GTX 480 (Discrete)
Transition to 2:2 Lock
0 0 0

This test cause issues for all the solutions on test today with ATI scoring 0 with all their products. Only the Intel HD graphics and GTX465 and GTX480 can handle this specific transition.

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