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HQV Benchmark 2.0 Analysis – ATi, nVidia and Intel

The fourth chapter focuses on analysing the video processor’s ability to enhance the image through ‘adaptive processing’.

The first set of results examines contrast enhancement features. These results concentrate on expansion of image contrast ratios while maintaining detail in dark and white sectors. This test is not targeting image sharpness, detail, flicker or noise, just contrast enhancement.

All the tests are combined into one result, giving a total figure. The score is based on evaluating the sequence of images. Note that fine detail would not be observable on small screens or displays which are not fully HD compliant.

In this particular test we look out for detail in the vegetation and dark beach areas which are lower and right zones on the screen. Watching carefully for any loss in fine detail in the brighter regions – the sky and the clouds. It is also important to monitor overall scene brightness which should remain rigid.

Contrast Enhancement: Beach at Dusk (Score either  5, 2 or 0)
The darker beach and vegetation area has more detail without increasing overall brightness or loss of detail in the bright regions – Scores 5
The darker beach and vegetation area has more detail but overall brightness increased or some loss of detail in the bright regions. – Scores 2
Overall contrast increased but with loss of detail in dark and bright area. – Scores 0

Intel GMA X4500 (G41)
Intel HD Graphics
ATI HD4200 (IGP)
ATI HD5450 (Discrete)
ATI HD5550 (Discrete)
ATI HD5770 (Discrete)
ATI HD5850 (Discrete)
ATI HD5870 (Discrete)
NV G210 (Discrete)
NV G220 (Discrete)
NV GTX 465 (Discrete)
NV GTX 480 (Discrete)
Beach at Dusk
2 2 5
5 5 5

Intel solutions failed to deliver the same quality of results as the ATI and nVidia boards with this particular test. We noticed loss of detail in bright regions.

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