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HQV Benchmark 2.0 Analysis – ATi, nVidia and Intel

The first section is based around Video Conversion tests, followed up by a long series of Cadence related tests and lastly we get to examine colour upscaling errors.

These tests stress the video processors ability to process data accurately, and is based around both stationary and moving elements within specific scenes. If the processing is successful and high quality the images will be rendered crisply and in a very clear manner. On the other hand, if the processing is poor then jaggies and artifacting will appear on the edges of moving objects.

This test shows a girl playing a violin and in this sequence she moves back and forward which forces the violin strings to move randomly through various low angles. If the video processor can reproduce the strings without artifacts then it will score high. This targets the processor’s spatial interpolation as well as adaptive directional filtering capabilities.

Violin (Score either 5, 3 or 0)
No artifacts on all strings. – Scores 5
Small artifacts during motion transitions. – Scores 3
Noticeable artifacts during most of the sequence. – Scores 0

Intel GMA X4500 (G41)
Intel HD Graphics
ATI HD4200 (IGP)
ATI HD5450 (Discrete)
ATI HD5550 (Discrete)
ATI HD5770 (Discrete)
ATI HD5850 (Discrete)
ATI HD5870 (Discrete)
NV G210 (Discrete)
NV G220 (Discrete)
NV GTX 465 (Discrete)
NV GTX 480 (Discrete)

Getting a score of 5 in this test requires all the strings to be free of artifacts. A score of 3 should be given if small artifacts during motion transitions are observed. A score of 0 means that artifacting is seen throughout most of the sequence. Both nVidia and ATI hardware scores high in these tests, although we were very disappointed with the performance of the G210 and expected a little more.

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