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HQV Benchmark 2.0 Analysis – ATi, nVidia and Intel

This second chapter focuses on the video processors ability to reduce noise throughout the image in a variety of ways. This is critical to giving a good, clean image as the human eye is very susceptible to picking up noise within a video file.

We need to check noise reduction features for all the graphics solutions on test today, and measure the results while ensuring that fine detail is not compromised. Image quality can be reduced by blurring and smearing techniques which means a reduction in the overall scoring. Many HDTV’s have noise reduction features built in which can improve image quailty, but we have omitted this today to ensure we are correctly analysing the hardware and driver solution.

Upscaled Compression Artifacts are most common when watching Internet Video on big panels, such as plasma or LCD televisions 40 inches or above. As the image is scaled the artifacts become bigger and more noticeable.

The tests here assess the video processors ability to remove artifacts while keeping the detail as high as possible. As the images are upscaled, the noise reducer has more work to do.

We need to analyse these tests with noise reduction turned off, then on and fine tune the result to get the best image possible.

Upscaled Compression Artifacts: Roller Coaster (Score either 5, 3 or 0)
Noise around the edge of the structures and coaster is significantly reduced and blocks in the sky are softened and not distinct without loss of detail. – Scores 5
Noise between the characters is substantially (not fully) reduced around the edge of the characters. As well, the blocks in the background are softened and not distinct. – Scores 3
No noise is reduced around objects or details are smeared or softened. – Scores 0

Intel GMA X4500 (G41)
Intel HD Graphics
ATI HD4200 (IGP)
ATI HD5450 (Discrete)
ATI HD5550 (Discrete)
ATI HD5770 (Discrete)
ATI HD5850 (Discrete)
ATI HD5870 (Discrete)
NV G210 (Discrete)
NV G220 (Discrete)
NV GTX 465 (Discrete)
NV GTX 480 (Discrete)
Roller Coaster
0 3 3
3 3

Again, the only cards to get the highest score are the two 58xx series cards from ATI.

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