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Intel Core i9-7980XE Extreme Edition – 18 cores of overclocked CPU madness

Cinebench is an application which renders a photorealistic 3D scene to benchmark a computer’s rendering performance, on one CPU core, all CPU cores or using the GPU. We run the test using the all-core CPU and single-thread CPU modes.

Cinebench R15 at stock clock speeds with varying numbers of cores enabled from 1 to 18.

Cinebench R15 with the Core i9 overclocked to 4.6GHz.

Handbrake Conversion
Handbrake is a free and open-source video transcoding tool that can be used to convert video files between different codecs, formats and resolutions. We measured the average frame rate achieved for a task of converting a 6.27GB 4K video using the Normal Profile setting and MP4 container. The test stresses all CPU cores to 100% and shows an affinity for memory bandwidth.

7-Zip is an open source Windows utility for manipulating archives. We measure the Total Rating performance using the built-in benchmark tool. The test stresses all CPU cores to 100% and shows an affinity for memory bandwidth.

Sandra Memory Bandwidth

The summary here is very straightforward as Core i9-7980XE is a monster performer. Provided your software is highly threaded and can use a good part of the 18 cores the new CPU is a winner at stock clocks. If you overclock the CPU it moves the goalposts clean out of sight. 18 cores beat the 16 cores of Threadripper at stock clocks but when you crank up the speed it makes the competition simply unfair.

If you look at performance per core in Cinebench single thread we can see Kaby Lake i7-7700K continues to hold the crown with its superior clock speed however the i9-7980XE kicks Threadripper all over the park.

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    That’s actually better performance than i had expected. Now to see what a delidded one does on a rog rampage vi apex board 😛

  • Eduardo Henrique

    Pointless CPU. 1950x all the way. Done with Intel and this confusing CPU market strategy. Perf x price is ridiculous. Only a bunch of rich richie will buy it, so they can say “look i have a freaking 7980xe”.


    which is a perfectly legit reason to buy a cpu, some people get a wife just for that reason 😉

  • Lisa Su

    It’s too fast! Not fair! We will attack them using our paid shills to troll the social media!

  • Bryan Fury

    Apex’s a disaster, it has only 4 DiMM slots, look for Extreme.

  • Asle Bie Andersen

    You don’t know what Apex is! LOL

  • Bryan Fury


    Is there a different Apex?

  • Eduardo Henrique

    you dont know why it exists and why it has 4 dimm slots…you’re out of the game bro


    @Eduardo : try to educate your slightly-behind-the-times techloving compadres then 😉

    @Bryan : the Apex, just like the (STILL upcoming) EVGA Dark x299 board, has only 4 dimm slots because they opted not to go with expanded memory slots, what you get is the actual quad-channel memory slots. This improves the performance of the memory, and also lowers demand on the cpu’s memory controllers. This in turn allows for both higher memory speeds (up to 4266Mhz and possibly even higher) and better cpu performance. The Apex is a board for those who want to squeeze the last drop out of their system, with better memory management, better and cleaner power delivery, and all the bells and whistles a finetuning overclocker could wish for. It’s also ridiculously overpriced, but that was to be expected.

  • Princepwnage

    Apex is like a cutdown version of the rampage Six Extreme

  • Billy Gate

    How are you getting so low powerconsumption with this beast?

  • Eduardo Henrique