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Team Group Vulcan Gold 2400MHz 8GB Memory Kit Review

Team Group’s Vulcan Gold 2400MHz kit is an excellent set of memory which offers strong out-of-the-box performance, impressive overclocking potential, and a highly attractive price tag.

General performance for the 2400MHz 11-13-13-35-2T memory is good. Some tests will penalise the kit for slack tRCD and tRP timings. But in tests which show a preference towards frequency, the faster DRAM rate for Team Group’s 2400MHz kit typically allows it to beat out a lower latency 2133MHz competitor.

Overclocking performance for our Team Group Vulcan Gold memory kit was highly successful. We had no problem hitting 2666MHz – it was as simple as selecting the divider and rebooting. The maximum frequency we reached of 2933MHz was an easy target after the timings were loosened to cope with the increased frequency.

If the overclocking performance of our sample is anything to go by, Team Group has once again proven that the company’s value kits have the overclocking potential that makes them excellent choices to enthusiasts and gamers.

Style is another positive factor for Team Group’s Vulcan memory kit. As well as being available in a range of frequencies and capacities, the Vulcan modules are also available with different coloured strips, if gold is deemed unsuitable. Add that to the black PCB and Team Group’s Vulcan modules form part of a good-looking set.

The choice of heatspreader was an area that I liked. While I am happy to admit that I like the appearance of many memory modules with tall heatsinks, the undeniable compatibility improvement that non-intrusive heatspreaders bring about is hard to overlook. We feel that Team Group’s decision to use short heatspreaders was fully justified.

Priced at £65.99 from OverclockersUK, the 2400MHz Team Group Vulcan Gold 8GB memory kit represents excellent value for money. The kit is cheaper than many 2133MHz alternatives and is around £10-15 more expensive than an entry-level 1600MHz set.

Taking cost, performance, and design into consideration, the 2400MHz Team Group Vulcan Gold 8GB memory kit is an excellent choice. Add in current pricing and the potential for particularly high overclocks, and the memory kit becomes a ‘Must Have’ product to gamers and budget-conscious enthusiasts.

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  • Competitively priced.
  • Potential for very high overclocking headroom.
  • Short design reduces interference issues.
  • Available in a variety of colours.


  • Slightly slack timings can cause dropped performance in some applications.

KitGuru says: An excellent memory kit with a competitive price tag and the potential for high overclocks.


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Rating: 9.0.

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