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ASUS Prime X299-Deluxe Motherboard Review


The software used by ASUS is almost identical across its current product range. As such, we have re-used the bulk of our analysis from previous reviews and updated the text where there are subtle differences.

To say that ASUS includes a dizzying amount of software with its motherboards would be an understatement. Thankfully, ASUS uses its AI Suite 3 tool to good effect in managing a large proportion of the software under a single umbrella (though not to the same level that Gigabyte, for example, does).

AI Suite 3 is the go-to point for any settings or information relating to system operations. Want to check temperatures and voltages or adjust multipliers for the CPU and speeds of fans? AI Suite 3. Want to speed up certain programs or reduce the amount of RAM-hogging operations on your system? AI Suite 3. Want to check for a BIOS update? AI Suite 3.

Automated system tuning conducted by the 5-way optimisation tool can also be selected inside AI Suite 3.

ASUS’ AURA RGB tool is a comprehensive piece of software used for managing the colours and operating parameters of onboard and connected LEDs. LED operating modes can be synchronised with other compatible hardware, such as ASUS graphics cards, or managed for the motherboard alone.

I particularly like the CPU temperature mode that changes the light colour based on processor thermals. This is similar to one of the options in Gigabyte’s ‘intelligent’ RGB Fusion modes (though Gigabyte has additional modes available).

With that said, the layout of AURA is questionable. The colour choice is handled by an outer colour ring and then an inner triangle zone. The ring is meant to provide an estimated colour choice and the triangle allows fine-tuning of the desired colour. Fine in theory, but in practise this can result in the LEDs displaying colours that aren’t close to what was chosen due to the inner triangle’s bias for dark blacks or bright whites.

TurboLAN allows basic management of network priorities for the system. ASUS includes a feature-laden skin on the Realtek HD Audio Manager.

OS Software Summary:

The sheer volume and quality of OS-based software that ASUS makes available is impressive. AI Suite 3 is home to the important system-related settings and does a good job at categorising several tools under one single umbrella suite rather than multiple individual shortcuts.

AURA is a solid tool that provides a good degree of RGB customisation in terms of colour and operating modes, provided you can manage the awkward layout of colour triangles. However, more flexibility with respect to ‘intelligent’ lighting modes would be welcomed as this is an area where the likes of Gigabyte and NZXT perform well.

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