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MSI launches ‘Optane Genie’ to support Intel’s new Optane Memory technology

Last week, Intel launched its new Optane Memory technology, aiming to boost the performance of traditional hard drives and even some SSDs by offering a large 32GB high-speed cache. Since then, Gigabyte and ASUS have already begun pushing out BIOS updates to support this new tech but MSI is taking it a step further with its own ‘Optane Genie’ software.

Optane Genie is a tool found in the latest BIOS for MSI’s Z270 motherboards. This enables the use of Optane Memory with one click, making the whole setup painless and easy.

All of MSI’s 200-series motherboards support Optane memory and with Optane Genie now also on board, it will be easy to use in a way that offers the best performance.

Intel’s Optane Memory first debuted last week in 16GB and 32GB versions. These little M.2 SSDs use 3D XPoint memory, which is several hundred times faster than the NAND Flash we are currently used to. Aside from these smaller M.2 cache SSDs, Intel is also producing Optane series PCIe solid state drives for enterprise use.

KitGuru Says: It seems that motherboard makers are quickly jumping on board with Intel’s new Optane Memory technology. This will end up being standard in the future, though I do wonder how popular Optane Memory is going to be. I’d also like to see some reviews as right now, all we know is that it is supposed to be fast. 

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