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Corsair HX1200i ’80 Plus Platinum’ Power Supply review

Corsair have not changed their box artwork in the last year – we do like their styling and the effective, yet simplistic two tone nature of their designs.
The Corsair HX1200i power supply ships protected inside thick slabs of foam, with the accessories shipping in a separate section of the box.
Corsair include a regional specific power cable, a user manual, some literature and mounting screws. The power supply itself is wrapped inside a soft felt bag.
This power supply is a fully (pure) modular design, so no cables are hardwired into the chassis. The cables are all high grade flat ‘ribbon’ style to aid the routing process during the build phase. Even the primary MB 20+4  is an easy to route cable.
The Corsair HX1200i has a total of 8 PCIe connectors available – for those running high end SLI and Crossfire configurations. The lower power 750W and 850W HXi models sacrifice two of these connectors. The cable configuration is identical actually to the HX1000i model, with the exception of 16 SATA cables (HX1000i has 12 in total).

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