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Corsair HX1200i ’80 Plus Platinum’ Power Supply review

We have always admired the build quality of the high end, expensive Corsair power supplies. The HX1200i thankfully doesn’t break the mould.

The HX1200i passed our ‘screwdriver’ test without a hitch. This involves running the head of a Philips head driver down the side of the chassis with light to medium force. The paintwork stood up to the stress test. After all, how many times have you accidentally connected with a power supply during a system build?
The light coloured fan is visible behind the black bars of the grill. Corsair branded can be seen in the center.
One side of the power supply is almost completely vented to ensure there is adequate air flow. Corsair claim that under most circumstances (40% power draw) the fan will be running in ‘Zero RPM mode’ – which is around 480 watts in the case of this 1200 watt unit.
The modular panel is staggered in three rows. Six 8 pin modular connectors support either CPU power connectors (4pin ATX12V or 8 pin EPS12V) or PCIe power connectors (6+2 pin). Four 6 pin connectors support either SATA or MOLEX power connectors. The 24 pin ATX power connector is plugged into the modular interface using two separate connectors.

The Corsair Digital Link connector works with the Corsair Link software using either a mini USB connector or a I2C connector.

The fan test button is included so the user can check the fan is still operational – useful as most of the time it will not be running at all. The LED turns green when the USB header is connected and the power supply is functioning properly. When the link is active, the lights will rotate between green and red colours. If it holds a solid red, it has lost connectivity completely.

Corsair HX1200i Platinum Modular PSU
DC Output
Max Output
Total Power 150W 1200W 9.6W 17.5W

The Corsair HX1200i Platinum Modular power supply can deliver 100A via the +12V rail. It can deliver all of its available power across the +12V rail.

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